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Musical Interlude

Do you ever have trouble reconciling the academic-theory-heavy-lifting parts of your life with other parts of your life? I sure do. I think I’ve got the solution, though. Ready? Sing along!

New stuff!

New posts up elsewhere today! The Media Show’s first full episode after the pilot is now up on YouTube. We riff on the American Girl juggernaut of dolls/clothes/movies/books etc. in a pretty grown-up way. Also, I just got word that my second article published in an online journal is now up, though unfortunately it’s only […]

A solution for copyright law

Perhaps it’s the beer and cheese talking, but something just came to me as we were talking about copyright law at Christine’s party. Disney keeps getting copyright extended every time it looks like Mickey Mouse is under threat of falling into the public domain. Right now copyright expires 75 years after the death of the […]

We Get Results

Results of the Red campaign.

Drown Out Ashcroft

I have too many harebrained schemes, especially late at night. Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 01:49:26 -0500 Subject: Drown Out Ashcroft’s Song From: GUS I just can’t stand it anymore. That godawful song John Ashcroft sang on the news the other day won’t stop running through my head. (If you didn’t hear it, it’s here.) […]