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Please Please Understand My Search Query

With Google announcing that social network information will now be included in search, there’s been a lot of talk among my friends in the industry and on the academic side. I heard some skepticism last night from the Off The Hook crowd that it’s really going to accomplish much for Google given that Google+ isn’t […]

Support The Media Show!

In case you haven’t heard it from me elsewhere, we’re running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next few episodes of The Media Show, the YouTube show I’ve been producing since 2008. Among other things, we’re offering the complete back archives of the show on DVD — useful if you’re teaching a media literacy or […]

How we know what we know: A personal intellectual history

While I’ve been applying for faculty positions, I’ve frequently been leading by saying “I’m interested in how we know what we know.” I’ve tried calling this “epistemology,” but a number of people have made it clear to me that I really don’t know what philosophers mean when they use that term; I’m not familiar with […]

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid educational system

I’ve spent the past few days reading Clifford Hill’s work on how children interpret questions on reading tests, and I can’t help but be struck by the comparisons to what Ethan is writing about his students in Cameroon. Hill demonstrates again and again that children generate their answers not just from the text of the […]

ProQuest, Dissertations, and Creative Commons Licensing: An Open Letter

Oh hi, future tenure committee!