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Invisible Knapsack of Linguistic Privilege

Last August I had cause to think about the “invisible knapsack of white privilege” article, beyond where I originally found it. I don’t quite remember what prompted me to do this, but I started writing up a piece parallel to the original, about linguistic privilege. It’s been lingering in my post queue forever, and I […]

Fighting The Pointless Fight: Books Come Back And Hit You, You Know

OK, I have really, truly lost it. Two moves back and forth across the country, I swore I would jettison every bit of baggage unnecessary to my life, particularly everything heavy; I cussed I swore I kicked things, I frightened poor dear Blair and Abby who helped with my storage. I have crap in Mom’s […]

A solution for copyright law

Perhaps it’s the beer and cheese talking, but something just came to me as we were talking about copyright law at Christine’s party. Disney keeps getting copyright extended every time it looks like Mickey Mouse is under threat of falling into the public domain. Right now copyright expires 75 years after the death of the […]

Rolling Bums in the Spirit of Giuliani

I mean, Harlem’s residents don’t need their kids spending unwarranted nights in jail. Harlem’s residents don’t need any more police harrassment, generally. But the buildings west of Frederick Douglass are gentrifying…

Keep Your IP Laws Off My Body

Happy Black History Month?