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Red Glare

The Fourth of July never feels right without fireworks, for me, but not for patriotic reasons. My father’s birthday is the Fourth of July. When he was small, he says, he thought the fireworks were for him. One of my nephews, born the same day, may now grow up to believe the same thing. Fireworks […]

Ebola: What you can do to help

I am an ardent participant in NYC’s West African dance classes. They have kept me healthy in both body and mind for over ten years now, seeing me through major transitions and hard times, bringing me and hundreds of others joy every week. So an international news feed shouting about ebola spiraling out of control […]

Notes on Linux: Harry Potter and the System of Privilege

This is hopefully the last in a series of posts about my experiences diving deeper into Linux, the first ones being about Mac being too pretty, Linux being too buggy, and the learning curve being too steep. As I was going around a few weeks back hyperbolically screaming that open source software was a tool […]

Notes on Linux: It Doesn’t Work

This is the second part of a series of thoughts of my first month trying to work in a Linux environment. The first post dealt with a theme that kept coming up as I was negotiating to use a different OS: that people want Macs because they are “pretty” and “shiny.” The “pretty” accusation is […]

Notes on Linux: Shiny, Pretty Jewelry

Part one of four. I am trying to be less tl;dr. enjoy. I’ve spent the past month trying to get used to Linux, having started a job at an organization whose goal is improving and spreading open source tools to be used against censorship and surveillance. It’s the first time I’ve ever been fully immersed […]