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A Tale of Twerk Cities: Miley vs. AfroPunk

My week began with talking about race and has continued to be about race. In my part of the Internet, a Silicon Valley bigwig warned against funding people with “heavy accents.” The anniversary of the March On Washington brought on some great live-tweeting of Harry Belafonte interviewing Martin Luther King as Belafonte sat in as […]

Dispatches From The Land Of Lite

After a lovely evening down at The Magician with Annalee, Charlie Jane, and so many other genderqueer folk that my tomboy heart runneth over, I took the A train home. And there, in the space between two doors, were a small handful of teenagers gettin lite. Their announcer said something about practicing for a competition, […]

Gregory Hines Dead at 57

and that’s the Ethiopian shim-sham.

One Less Safe Place to Play DDR

Shootings at Broadway City Arcade.

"If I have two or three days without dancing, my bottom won't be OK!"

Congolese grandmothers dance the rhumba.