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Angry Birds Is No Super Artillery: or, What Kids These Days Don’t Learn From Technology

So I just started playing Angry Birds recently, seeing as I now have a smartphone which wasn’t built broken and can run it.(1) I’ve seen it around, of course, so I was able to dive right in and start playing without much explanation. And I’ve played other games with similar physics, so I was able […]

Invisible Imaginary Horses: VHR Diary Day 1

Initially frustrated at the numbers-heavy interface and play, I’ve begun to warm to the game a little. First of all, you can link a picture from any website to represent your horse, rather cleverly mitigating the lack of graphics on the cheap. The major thrill so far is the prodigious breed list.

Talking with Broughton

How can a solution coming from such a complicated man be so simple?

From The Vaults: Cheaticus Maximus

Instructions on how to maximize your l00t in Kid Icarus.

Warcraft Diary: Bouganvillea's Story/ Is That All There Is?

Bou woke up today in the Den and headed south to seek her first shaman quest. Instead, she found herself on a high finger of rock overlooking a lake. Succumbing to ilinx, everyone’s favorite overlooked play style, she flung herself from the rock. Nearly cleared the shore. Didn’t. Took 121 points of damage, almost her entire life bar. No matter — the lake was inviting, with its unplumbed depths and invisible distant strands, so she strolled into the shallows. Where she was bitten in two by something unseen.