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Open letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, 12/20/15

Douglas Merrill of ZestFinance is quoted in the article Beyond Mere Numbers, on new measures being used by credit scorers, as saying he finds the use of social media data to determine creditworthiness “personally creepy.” He ought to be thinking harder about the metrics his firm is deciding to use instead. The use of borrowers’ […]

Educators’ Toolbox for Security Trainers

I’ve been attending trainings on using Tor, encryption, and other security/privacy tools lately, as OpenITP is exploring what we can do to help along these lines. From an educator’s standpoint, a lot of good work is being done already; trainings have a lot of hands-on components, are very responsive to student questions, and use good […]

2002 House

I’ve been thinking lately about what is and isn’t working for me in my technology use, particularly when it comes to social software. Talking with Finn a little while back, I hit on an idea for dialing back my technology use to see if it made me feel any better about how I’m relating to […]


Do you remember learning how to use the phone? I don’t quite, but you know we all had to; like all social conventions, it’s something you have to practice and be instructed in. I remember watching other, younger kids learn the rules of using the phone — not just start with “hello” and end with […]