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Ebola: What you can do to help

I am an ardent participant in NYC’s West African dance classes. They have kept me healthy in both body and mind for over ten years now, seeing me through major transitions and hard times, bringing me and hundreds of others joy every week. So an international news feed shouting about ebola spiraling out of control […]

Chiptune concerts at HOPE

At last, the details for the HOPE chiptune concerts are finalized. Big relief for me, as I’m the one organizing, again. Not that chiptune artists are hard to organize — they’re pretty adept at taking care of everything themselves, and are pretty much a joy to work with that way. Join us the evenings of […]

Dispatches From The Land Of Lite

After a lovely evening down at The Magician with Annalee, Charlie Jane, and so many other genderqueer folk that my tomboy heart runneth over, I took the A train home. And there, in the space between two doors, were a small handful of teenagers gettin lite. Their announcer said something about practicing for a competition, […]

Talking Title Nine in the Ashram Blues

or, Don’t Stand On Your Head If You’re Menstruating.

Tragedy Strikes In Sunnyside, Queens

H.W. Nam’s NY Dance Sport has closed. The store housed four-to-six dance simulation arcade games (DDR and Pump) at any given time, as well as selling Hello Kitty and Orange Story merchandise, doo-rags and giant bling-bling medallions. Nam was a forty-something Korean guy who made change and would offer you paper towels after you’d danced […]