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Please Please Understand My Search Query

With Google announcing that social network information will now be included in search, there’s been a lot of talk among my friends in the industry and on the academic side. I heard some skepticism last night from the Off The Hook crowd that it’s really going to accomplish much for Google given that Google+ isn’t […]

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid educational system

I’ve spent the past few days reading Clifford Hill’s work on how children interpret questions on reading tests, and I can’t help but be struck by the comparisons to what Ethan is writing about his students in Cameroon. Hill demonstrates again and again that children generate their answers not just from the text of the […]

working note

Richard Mills, former Commissioner of Education for the State of New York, is receiving a medal at graduation at TC this year. The description of the event features a quote from him: “It’s not fair to graduate children without the knowledge and skills to make it in the world — we are setting them up […]

Murdering Darlings

EdLab just lived up to its promise of being the artsy, synergistic place-you-want-to-be to do your dissertation. The night shift arrived — Gonzalo, holing up at his graphics station to work on his dissertation and other things. I ran into him in the hall and we got talking about certification, proposals, and drafts. He just […]

Remembering the command line

I’m currently writing a section for my dissertation about how computers support or don’t support particular conversational cues. I’m writing about some very old stuff, and trying to remember how certain things worked. Here’s what I’ve got so far: My first experience communicating with a modem provides one place to start. I do not remember […]