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Letter to my doctoral advisor, in flight during the COVID crisis

Dear Hervé, It sounds from your latest post as if you have landed in Wyoming, where the speech acts of the pandemic have at last captured your flight-by-car. Can you describe Wyoming? You said it was beautiful. I don’t know how much of its scenery you might be able to access at present, but my […]

Learning From Learners: Some questions asked at security trainings

As I’ve said in previous posts, it is critical to understand learners’ mental models of a system you are teaching them about, in order to help them build accurate understandings of the technologies they are using. Questions that attendees ask in security training sessions can be useful to understanding some of the misconceptions learners come […]

Tor Holes: Learning how to teach Tor from the Harvard bomb threat

In education, we talk about the “mental models” students have of the subjects they are learning: the understanding they have of a system. In computing eduaction, this encompasses quite a bit — models of how a computer works, of its current state, of what computer language looks like, of the shape of a network, etc. […]

A Tale of Twerk Cities: Miley vs. AfroPunk

My week began with talking about race and has continued to be about race. In my part of the Internet, a Silicon Valley bigwig warned against funding people with “heavy accents.” The anniversary of the March On Washington brought on some great live-tweeting of Harry Belafonte interviewing Martin Luther King as Belafonte sat in as […]

Frank Moretti: a small, goofy personal memorial

Robbie McClintock retired from Teachers College in 2011; in tribute to him and one of his closest intellectual partners, Frank Moretti, my work buddy Josh and I recorded this parody of the song Frank Mills from the musical Hair. The song used to run through my head, actually, when I went by Frank’s office. Frank […]