Drown Out Ashcroft

I have too many harebrained schemes, especially late at night.

Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 01:49:26 -0500

Subject: Drown Out Ashcroft’s Song

From: GUS

I just can’t stand it anymore. That godawful song John Ashcroft sang on the news the other day won’t stop running through my head. (If you didn’t hear it, it’s here.) It’s full of empty sentimental patriotism, it completely ignores the separation of church and state, and now the man is trying to force his staff to sing it. The insipid melody is harder to wash out of your brain than “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

Could anyone who gets this message please send me an audio clip, preferably you singing something (anything!) else in your own American (or Un-American) voice — about the U.S., or a response to Ashcroft’s song, or just whatever’s running through your head (the tune with words you can’t remember, the riff your band is practicing right now, your favorite hip-hop song — heck, why not your grocery list, or the parody of Come On Baby Light My Fire your friends wrote in seventh grade?). I’d like to compile them on my website as a way of showing we’re not all crooning along with Ashcroft.

Hook up your computer’s mic and record something — just a few bars is fine, won’t clog the mailpipes — and email it to me. It’s going to take a lot to drown out Ashcroft’s overstuffed, fuggy, authoritarian voice. Feel free to forward this to anyone else with vocal chords in any condition (or ASL signers / interpretive dancers with video cameras!)

love all


By the way, the lyrics, if you can’t go to that link, run like this:

Let the mighty eagle soar

Like she’s never soared before…

Soar with healing in her wings

Only God, no other kings

From rocky coast to golden shore

Let the mighty eagle soar.

and if you don’t believe me that Ashcroft’s making his staff sing, I refer you to the BBC.

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