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Digital Skills: The Adults Are Also Not All Right

Second post in a series, re-evaluating what “digital literacy” and “digital skills” should consist of. I began this series talking about two posts from Jeff Eaton and Marc Scott which have been widely passed around, hinting that when it comes to digital skills, we have a lot to talk about. Scott focused primarily on kids’ […]

Digital Skills: Looking past “digital native” assumptions, toward curricular reform

When it comes to digital skills, which ones count? Recently, I found articles by Jeff Eaton and by Marc Scott (known online as coding2learn), both of which brought back up some thinking I have been doing about digital skills (or digital literacy) curricula. (Digital literacy was more or less the topic of my dissertation, and […]

Trends: A rant

At CHI, I attended a talk on management in UX, on the reasoning that understanding what managers think would help me strategize better as to how to get hired. Indeed it did, but a final question from an audience member also stuck in my craw and took me in a totally different direction. The question […]

On Being An Auteur: Letter to a young director of my acquaintance

Wrote this to a performer/writer I’ve worked with on a handful of projects. The thoughts came out well, so thought I’d post it here. Partly because I’m perhaps inordinately excited about the epiphany I had the other day about the key scene in The Room… like staring at paint flakes on the wall, eventually you […]

Your Science Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad: Reading Through Chaos

I’ve been reading James Gleick’s popular summary of chaos theory, Chaos: Making a New Science. A twenty-six-year-old book, by now. The book’s been on my shelf for some years, unread; at this point I’m not sure whether I picked it up at random from a box of discards on the sidewalk, stole it off my […]