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Reclaiming Repair Wrap-Up Part Two: The Big Ideas

The Reclaiming Repair workshop was full of interesting perspectives — from cell phone repair shops in Uganda and India, “repair cafés” in Europe, artists from all over, even from a space exploration mission — but perhaps the person with the highest-level practical view of repair was Kyle Wiens, of iFixit. The site, which Kyle founded […]

Does student visibility in a tech classroom affect grades? Rough data analysis

This semester, Media Literacy was in the high-tech Digital Toolbox lab. The lab suits the purposes of the Digital Toolbox class pretty well but isn’t great for a discussion class like Media Literacy. Students can’t see more than about four of each other well, and I can’t see them well either. The Setup: The Toolbox […]

Class Postmortem: Digital Toolbox, Spring 2013

I spent a good amount of time last semester talking about how things went in Media Literacy last semester, with less attention to my Digital Toolbox class. This semester, my Toolbox class felt so successful that I should talk about how I seemed to arrange that (with the help of a number of excellent students), […]

Reclaiming Repair Wrap-Up Part One: What Do We Mean By Repair?

I promised myself and others I’d try to write up a bit on the Reclaiming Repair workshop I attended at CHI 2013. So far I’ve only got about half of what I wanted to say written up, and it’s already long, so I thought I’d post it before finals weeks swallow me whole and this […]

Please Please Understand My Search Query

With Google announcing that social network information will now be included in search, there’s been a lot of talk among my friends in the industry and on the academic side. I heard some skepticism last night from the Off The Hook crowd that it’s really going to accomplish much for Google given that Google+ isn’t […]