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Notes on Linux: Shiny, Pretty Jewelry

Part one of four. I am trying to be less tl;dr. enjoy. I’ve spent the past month trying to get used to Linux, having started a job at an organization whose goal is improving and spreading open source tools to be used against censorship and surveillance. It’s the first time I’ve ever been fully immersed […]

Reclaiming Repair Wrap-Up Part One: What Do We Mean By Repair?

I promised myself and others I’d try to write up a bit on the Reclaiming Repair workshop I attended at CHI 2013. So far I’ve only got about half of what I wanted to say written up, and it’s already long, so I thought I’d post it before finals weeks swallow me whole and this […]

How we know what we know: A personal intellectual history

While I’ve been applying for faculty positions, I’ve frequently been leading by saying “I’m interested in how we know what we know.” I’ve tried calling this “epistemology,” but a number of people have made it clear to me that I really don’t know what philosophers mean when they use that term; I’m not familiar with […]

Remembering the command line

I’m currently writing a section for my dissertation about how computers support or don’t support particular conversational cues. I’m writing about some very old stuff, and trying to remember how certain things worked. Here’s what I’ve got so far: My first experience communicating with a modem provides one place to start. I do not remember […]

You Knew It…

mayonnaise sandwiches?!?!