SUP bird

OpenITP Secure User Practices

SUP birdAs the project manager of Secure User Practices at the Open Internet Tools Project, I have run user tests on mobile and desktop security tools which have been widely disseminated in and used by the open-source secure tools community. I manage a distributed team of volunteer user researchers and assistants, helping small teams which do not have the resources to hire full-time UX staff. I also organized and ran two UX-focused hackathons that resulted in usability-focused improvements in nine projects.
I have monitored the development process of some dozen remote teams, identifying opportune times for usability work, their current methods of user support and bug tracking, and their use/non-use of metrics.
Here is the community blog I started to disseminate teams’ retrospectives and best practices in usability and security. I also developed UX problem statements to be addressed in lean-UX-style workshops.

Finally, I also built and improved on Bernard Tyers and Belen Pena’s handheld rig for capturing video in mobile testing:

mobile user testing rig