say anything weena


I’ve been an active commenter on 8 bit music sites since about 2008. I keep busy on the subway by playing with the trackers LSDJ, Nanoloop, and TrippyH, and have recently started to post my own arrangements, hopefully moving on to songs I’ve written myself.

While I normally source the music for The Media Show from existing CC-licensed chiptune, I arranged one song myself for our House Party episode. The song at the end is a soundalike of “Don’t You Forget About Me,” intended to evoke the movie The Breakfast Club. (I learned about the use of soundalike when I was an intern at Sesame Street, where the composers use soundalikes regularly.) To make it, I found a midi of the original song and manipulated it in Garage Band. Many of the note progressions were inverted (going low to high instead of high to low), which tricks the mind into thinking of the original song. I used some wobbly instruments and changed a few chords to sound a bit more hysterical, hoping to reflect the gonzo tone of the episode.