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Notes on Linux: Shiny, Pretty Jewelry

Part one of four. I am trying to be less tl;dr. enjoy. I’ve spent the past month trying to get used to Linux, having started a job at an organization whose goal is improving and spreading open source tools to be used against censorship and surveillance. It’s the first time I’ve ever been fully immersed […]

Does student visibility in a tech classroom affect grades? Rough data analysis

This semester, Media Literacy was in the high-tech Digital Toolbox lab. The lab suits the purposes of the Digital Toolbox class pretty well but isn’t great for a discussion class like Media Literacy. Students can’t see more than about four of each other well, and I can’t see them well either. The Setup: The Toolbox […]

Class Postmortem: Digital Toolbox, Spring 2013

I spent a good amount of time last semester talking about how things went in Media Literacy last semester, with less attention to my Digital Toolbox class. This semester, my Toolbox class felt so successful that I should talk about how I seemed to arrange that (with the help of a number of excellent students), […]

Rewriting the textbook

So I wrote that postmortem of my Media Literacy class last semester. After some thought, I revamped the syllabus significantly, and I’ve been wanting to write about that. I just did for a “teaching statement” for a job application, and thought I might post it here as well. This semester, my students are reading a […]

Media Literacy class postmortem, Fall 2012

I’m overhauling my media literacy syllabus from last semester, in preparation for teaching another two sections of it this semester. By the end of the fall, it was already a very different document than it had been at the beginning, shredded and re-assembled as I discovered who my students were, what their goals, experience, and […]