Stuck Together Like A Ready-Made

LED posters. Sylvie alerted me to their existence. She’s right — they’re tacky. I would recommend them to an updated Encyclopedia of Bad Taste, should one be produced. (Dad gave me the book upon my graduation from eighth grade; I don’t think he had any idea what a seminal — pardon me, germinal — influence it would prove to be in my life. Since moving to New York and under the wing of Kim Edel and other self-styled defenders of the people, I’ve started thinking about how classist the book is. Still a hoot, though.)

The whole Rental Decorating site is rather strange. There’s a certain home-improvement feel to it, but it’s home improvement for people who are going to have to scrap it all and move in a few months, and know it. Bathroom fixtures and shelves are all mounted on suction cups. The water filtration systems are not the kind you install under your sink.

The rugs look like the kind they sell draped over cyclone fences by the freeway, and the bathroom accessories are all bland frosted plastic stuff of the sort you could easily pick up at K-Mart (well… if K-Mart wasn’t a sinking ship). Who’s their audience? College kids, sure (notice all the sheets are twin, extra-long), but going off campus is one of the great reliefs of college life, so why buy online?

One curious redeeming quality: the “Americana” LED posters all have to do with diners, not flags and soldiers and Norman fscking Rockwell.

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